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December 1, 2018 - March 16, 2019
Departs Saturdays Only
Can $3,903.00 + GST/Person
Room in Whitehorse Can $125.00 + GST add.
Max. 6 participants / Musher Guide

14 Day Husky Wilderness Experience

Trail Map

This tour is an amazing wilderness adventure that will take you back to the early days of transportation by dog sled. You will spend your days mushing on the training grounds of many a quest musher and it will take you winding through some of the most spectacular wilderness in the Yukon. You will spend the first few days learning the basics of mushing and each day the trails will advance slightly in difficulty. Relax in the evenings with a shower, a sauna or in our cozy lodge by the wood stove. Then step back in time and camp in our wall tent camp at Dry Creek. Master these amazing trails and move on to our camp at Coal Lake. Imagine life as a trapper as you live and work in an original working Trappers Cabin. We do everything we can to ensure that this is your adventure of a lifetime and that you go home with many happy memories of your visit at Sky High.

* Depending on the dynamics of the group this tour may include a 3rd tent night and the itinerary may change slightly.

* Please note that dog sledding is comparable to cross country skiing and does require you to be in relatively good physical shape.

* All our tours are guided for your safety. Before commencing on any trip, we provide basic training on how to operate and ride a dogsled safely. We supply warm high-quality winter outer clothing and boots - if required. All our guides are fully certified, always travel with a SAT phone and a well stocked First Aid Kit on any dog sled tour.

* We do recommend that you arrive the day before your tour. Whether you arrive the day of your tour or days before don't worry we'll take care of you. All clients will be picked up at the airport upon arrival and taken to a hotel or straight to the ranch. Pre and Post nights can be booked for you upon request.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Saturday

The morning on the day of your tour you will picked up at 10AM in the hotel lobby. As a group we will do some last minute shopping and pick up any items missing from the packing list. Afterwards we drive to the Sky High Wilderness Ranch, 20km South of Whitehorse where we outfit you with your expedition clothing. Enjoy a light lunch and then be introduced to your 4 legged companions for the week. Now you learn the basics of; dog care, checking their feet and shoulders, dog massage, sledding and parts of the sled. Harness your team, hook up and go for your very first run! After taking care of the dogs we can enjoy the sauna, have a shower, hot dinner and cozy up by the fire. Overnight at Sky High Wilderness Ranch. (L,D)

Day 2 Sunday

While the morning sun lifts slowly over the magnificent horizon, we say good morning to our new canine friends and ensure they are fed, watered and happy. Then we sit in the comfort of our lodge dining room having breakfast and plan our day. Today we cover approx 35km in distance driving towards secluded Jackson Lake. The only sound will be the runners in the snow, the working dogs, and your words of encouragement. This is the day that you begin to know each dog's personality and form a bond that only man and dog can understand. With every stop, praise and show of affection for your dogs, they will learn to trust you and you to trust them. Relax in our sod roof sauna before retiring for the night. Overnight at Sky High Wilderness Ranch. (B,L,D)

Day 3 Monday

The dogs will pull us on a trail east of the Ranch. We are continuously climbing in elevation as we are heading on an abandoned mining road on MacIntyre Mountain. On occasional stops we can enjoy unprecedented scenery of the Coastal Mountains with Fish Lake nestled deep in the valley. Keep an eye out for wildlife - you never know what you might see! Return to Sky High lodge for the night. Take care of the dogs then curl up by the fire or sit around the dinner table recounting your adventures with others. There is a gravity fed shower waiting for you in the main lodge. (B,L,D)

Day 4 Tuesday

Today we head towards beautiful Bonneville Lakes, west of the Ranch, part of the Kwan in Dunn first Nation Traditional Land. The trails are narrower with some challenging up and downs. The Coastal Mountains are always in view to the South and West. Part of the trip we travel above tree line and easily cover between 20 and 30 km. slowly a new feeling of life will creep in. In harmony with the running rhythm of your team you will enjoy nature in a way you've never experienced before. Overnight at Sky High Wilderness Ranch. There is a gravity fed indoor shower waiting for you in the main lodge. (B, L, D)

Day 5 Wednesday

Imagine yourself years ago when only dogsled was used for transportation. Head out into the untouched wilderness for 3 days of winter camping at our wall tent camp at Dry Creek. A surge of new life creeps into your soul as you journey farther into the amazing landscape surrounding the Fish Lake Area. The trail on this day follows the shores of Fish Lake, climbs and heads into the coastal mountain range to the south. Enjoy the crisp freshness of this day and don't forget to take photos! Curl up at night by the woodstove for a cozy sleep in our wall tents. (B,L,D)

Day 6 Thursday

At dawn enjoy a hearty camp breakfast in our wall tent kitchen. From our camp, weather permitting we will make a run to the top of the mountain above the tree line to Ptarmigan Flats. Keep your eyes open for this beautiful white bird, while sledding on miles of wind blown hill tops. There have been frequent sightings of Caribou & moose in this area. Over night at Wall tent Camp. (B.L,D)

Day 7 Friday

Wake with the sun, say good morning to your team as they enjoy their morning meal. Greet the day with a hot cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast. On this day of mushing breath deeply the fresh clean air and take in the rugged landscape one last time as you run your team west towards Sky High Wilderness Ranch. As you mush over the clean white snow listen again to the quiet whoosh of the runners and the soft panting of the dogs. Return to Sky High Wilderness Ranch for a hot lunch. Now you must pack your belongings and enjoy the drive winding down Fish Lake Rd. to Whitehorse for your last night at the Best Western Gold Rush Inn.(B,L).

Day 8 Saturday

After one night in town, you will be happy to meet your trusty Huskies again. In the morning you are picked up by our van at 10AM in the hotel lobby and once more we stop for supplies. This is a well deserved day off for you and your team .This is a good opportunity to spend some time with your dogs, enjoy the wilderness on foot, take photos or cozy up in the lodge and read a good book. Over night at Sky High Lodge.(L,D)

Day 9 Sunday

Today we cross over the Fish Lake from north to south with the majestic costal mountains looming in all direction. At the south end of the lake we jump onto a trappers trail leading towards Ibex Lake. We will have a fire and a light lunch before return to the Lodge and overnight at Sky High Wilderness Ranch (B, L, D)

Day 10 Monday

Hooking up the dogs will have become much easier for you after working with them for a week. Our trip today heads up to Mount MacIntyre again to the North. A this point you will have a higher skill level and conditions permitting the trip could go down, to the far north side along the old copper haul road and back to Sky High through Jackson Lake. This trail offers a great view high above the city of Whitehorse. (B, L,D)

Day 11 Tuesday

Today we hook up the dogs again and head out for a day trip along Jackson Creek and Franklin Lake. Return to Lodge and overnight at Sky High Wilderness Ranch (B,L, D)

Day 12 Wednesday

Leave the last remnants of civilization, step back in time and become one with your team as you mush the historic trails to our trapper cabin at remote Coal Lake. Everything we need for this camp will be packed on our sleds. Here we live the simple life with just the basics; cutting firewood, cooking over the fire or on the woodstove, heating water for washing, mushing the scenic trails and sharing stories by the fire in the evening. We have a good chance of seeing caribou or moose in this area so keep your camera handy! Over night at Coal Lake base camp. (B,L,D)

Day 13 Thursday

Today our journey takes us across Coal Lake towards Alligator Lake. The alpine landscape is enticing and has a northern charm all it's own. Here your driving skills will be tested, as a few trails will demand your attention. Coal Lake is a favorite spot for ice fishing and has been used as a food supply for many an old time trapper. Over night at Coal Lake base camp. (B,L,D)

Day 14 Friday

Wake with the sun and greet the day with a hot cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast. On this last day of mushing breath deeply the fresh clean air and take in the rugged landscape one last time as you run your team back towards Sky High Wilderness Ranch. As you mush over the clean white snow, listen one last time to the quiet whoosh of the runners and the soft panting of the dogs. Keep those memories forever with some last photos of your return trip. Back at Sky High we will have a hot lunch. Pack your belongings and enjoy the drive winding down Fish Lake Rd. to Whitehorse for your last night at the Best Western Gold Rush Inn.. Once we arrive in Whitehorse you will receive your musher diploma. (B,L)

Packing List
Ξ Thermal Underwear- 2 long sleeve shirts and 2 pants
Ξ Fleece Pants and Sweater
Ξ Neck Warmer and Balaclava
Ξ Fleece Hat(Toque) or Fur hat
Ξ Thermal Socks - 4 pairs
Ξ Thin Fleece Gloves - 2 pairs
Ξ Head Lamp, with Lithium batteries
Ξ Goggles or Sunglasses
Ξ Camera, with Lithium batteries
Ξ Indoor shoes or slippers
Ξ Thermos
Included Not Included
Ξ Transfer from and to Whitehorse Ξ Alcoholic beverages (we buy jointly before the tour)
Ξ Last night accommodation in Whitehorse (2 night double room) Ξ Winter clothing rental of warm Northern Outfitters Jacket, Pants; $35/item, sleeping bag $45 each, mitts $20. Payable upon arrival in cash or credit card
Ξ Accommodation in cabins (6 or 7 nights double room) or wood heated tent outpost camps (5 or 6 nights group accommodation.) Ξ Meals in restaurants (dinner day 7, breakfast day 1 and 8)
Ξ All meals including non-alcoholic beverages, except dinner day 7 and 14, breakfast day 1, 8 and 15 in Whitehorse Ξ All expenses of personal nature
Ξ Use of personal sled and 3 to 6 Huskies Ξ Gratuity
Ξ Musher Diploma
Ξ Winter Boots included, all other equipment see right

Please Note

* We strongly advise that you purchase travel/cancellation insurance before traveling.
* This Dog sledding adventure is a challenging but relaxed fun trip! We supply you with the best equipment possible and teach you all the important aspects of mushing.
* To participate you must be healthy, enjoy working with dogs and have a good team spirit. Dog sledding is a comparable physical activity to cross-country skiing, so you should be in relatively good physical shape.
* The camps have no power or telephone, showers are of basic gravity fed nature and not available in tent camp. Shower and sauna at Lodge.
* We point out, that unforeseeable circumstances such as weather conditions, wind chill factor, extreme temperatures (-30 or lower), condition of the group or illness of the dogs may force us to change this itinerary. The safety of our guests takes precedence and our decisions are final.
* You will be required to sign a "release of claims and waiver of liability form" prior to the departure of this tour.
* Please read our Terms of Business page before booking