The History of Sky High Wilderness Ranch

Located in a valley on the shores of a large mountain Lake, Sky High is surrounded by pristine wilderness. Wildlife is abundant as are scenic views of mountains, streams, rivers, and lakes.

Sky High HistorySky High HistorySky High History

In 1960, a woman by the name of Sylvia Heikilla left Anaheim Lake, near Bella Coola with a covered wagon, a few horses, three of her own children and two others she picked up along the way. She set her sights for Whitehorse, Yukon Territory with a dream of starting her own trail riding outfit & pack horse business. The trip took a while - there was an accident along the way and they lost a couple of horses, but eventually they all reached Whitehorse safe and sound. Sylvia lived in a few different places in Whitehorse and finally settled at Fish Lake moving the little house above from down in the shipyards area of Whitehorse to where it stands today. During this time she had a few more children all of which she home schooled - not only in reading writing & arithmetic, but also in the practicalities of living off the land; farming, gardening, trapping, horse back riding, dog mushing and many survival skills needed to live in their wilderness home. Sylvia believed "the outdoors is where children belong". In 1975 Sylvia was in town picking up a few supplies at the Qwanlin Mall where she met a handsome young trapper by the name of Ian McDougall. Shortly after that they were married and together they started Sky High Wilderness Ranches as it is known today. Sylvia passed away in 2003 leaving Ian to carry on with the family ranch and fullfill the dreams they shared. In spring 2005 Ian started a new company; Sky High Valley Ranches taking on 3 partners - Trudy & Gary Burdess & Dennis Klein an old family friend. In winter of 2009 Jocelyne Le Blanc joined the team. Sky High is famous in the Yukon for it's down home country atmosphere and it's old fashioned friendly service.