Dog Sledding | Day Adventures

At Sky High everyone drives their own sleds, so you get your very own team of huskies for the duration of your tour. Our age limit for driving your own sled is 12 years of age, but we have other options for the younger kids. For safety reasons, we do not allow anyone to ride in the basket of the sled.

Multi-Activity | Day Adventure

Activities Include:

If you want to experience everything but don't have much time then the Multi-activity tour is for you! This tour gives our guests a "taste" of the most popular activities the Yukon has to offer! Ideal for families and younger children who cannot drive their own sled. Includes the following activities:

  • Ride on Sled
  • Snowcoach Ride

  • Snowshoeing
  • Tobogganing

$195.00 + GST (per person)

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